Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your company located?

We have registered company and office in Hong Kong, United Kingdom and that makes us to handle the orders all over the world without any interruption.Our mail address is: FLAT B07 FLOOR23,HOVER INDUSTRIAL BUILDING, NO.26-38 KWAI CHEONG ROAD,N.T,HONG KONG


Which digital currency do you support?

We are verified exchanger of ,Egopay, BitCoin,Webmoney,PerfectMoney, more will be added soon.


Is it safe to exchange PerfectMoney with you?

Yes, we are authorized PerfectMoney exchanger.


How do I buy&sell Digital Currency?

It is easy to buy or sell with us, all you need to do is sign up as a member on our website, become verified, then place order in the members area. We can accept bank wire, UK bank transfer(UK resident only), Western Union, Moneygram and credit/debit card payment, also we can send payment out using bank wire, UK bank fast payment, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal, and fund your own bank issued Visa card directly.


What is a exhere.es business day?

We accept orders 24/7. We are staffed during office hours Monday to Friday at our offices in the UK and Asia Pacific. Saturdays & Sundays: Part time or Closed. Now more than 99% of the orders can be done in 24 hours after we get your payment.Most of the orders can be done in hours even minutes, we have been keeping a very high level service standard in this industry.


Membership and Verification
Why do I have to be Verified?

We are sorry that we have to implement so much security to allow the exchange of Digital Currency, not only by law and regulation we have to do this, but also it is essential due to massive Internet fraud and the targeting of this industry by thieves and organised crime gangs. We have to deal with auction fraud, identity theft and phishing all the time and because Digital Currency is non refundable, it is near impossible to retrieve stolen funds after a crime has taken place. exhere.es takes the security and privacy of its systems and its customers' data very seriously. We constantly review our systems and data to ensure the best possible service to our customers. exhere.es will investigate any breach of security with a view to prosecuting and/or taking civil proceedings to recover damages against those responsible.


How do I send my ID documents to you?

Please navigate to the Verification section in the Members Area, upload your document as per the instructions and then you need to wait for our staff to review the document and 'Verify' it. The result will be shown in a table on the main Verification page within a couple of days. We do not accept ID documents by e-mail. Usually one photo ID and one proof of your address are needed for verification. If you are UK resident, we will send a verification letter to your home address to verify, after that we can process your verification request.


Do I have to do phone verification?

If you are not going to use credit/debit card to pay us, no need to do this. Only our silver membership can do phone/mobile verification.


How are your membership classfied?

We have three kind of membership, normal for unverified member, silver for verified member, which enable you to place order,gold member can use credit/debit card to pay us online. In order to become a gold member, you need to go through the same verification procedure as silver member, plus you have to do phone verification using your landline and upload your card scan on our web site.All documents must be in colour scan and include full four corners.


Why you request the scan of my credit/debit card for gold membership?

This is to prove that you are the true owner of the card. When you upload document online, please do not block anything, all documents will not be saved on our server, after the verification, we will removed them from the server and save them in our encrypted device.


I am confused! How do I enter my phone number correctly?

To make sure we call the correct number and do not inconvenience you with failed or misdirected calls please look at the following example. Example: Your Country Code: 12 (This number is automatically generated) Your Area Code: 345 (Make sure there are NO zeros in front) Your Phone No: 6789100 (Do not include your country code or area code in this part) So these 3 sections make up one full phone number 12345678910 (This is the number we will call) NOTE: Use numbers only. Remove all hyphens, spaces and brackets etc.


From which country you can accept Visa debit/credit card payment?

We only support the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Republic of Korea, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdoms.


How long will it take to get my Digital Currency if I buy from you?
For UK Bank Transfers and credit/debit card orders, usually can be done in 0-2 hours, for moneygram and western union orders, it will take upto 24 hours for us to complete your order.


How long will it take to get my payment from you if I sell digital currency to you?

All orders will be processed in 24 hours, for UK bank transfer, PayPal selling, can be done in a few hours. For Bank wire, western union, moneygram and direct Visa/Master funding orders, will be done in 1 business day.

Do you accept PayPal, AlertPay or Moneybookers?
Due to fraud risks and high charges we do not accept PayPal* or Moneybookers. We do not trade with AlertPay either. *We can, however send funds to your PayPal account, see our Sell and Convert page for more details.

What is your minimum order amount?

Our minimum fees are either GBP15, USD$25 or EUR15 depending on where you are in the world and the bank you are sending your money too. So as long as your order is more than the minimum fee you are covered.


What is your maximum order amount?

The maximum UK domestic bank transfer amount is 5k. There are no International bank wire limits.


How can I make sure The exhere.es pays the correct Digital Currency account?

It is vital that you include your Digital Currency account number with payment. You may also include your account name for a cross check.


What about if I am sending payment to you in my own currency, how will you calculate?

We will use the live rate on www.xe.com to calculate for you, thus there will be no currency conversion loss from you.


Visa/Master Card Direct Funding
How Visa/Master card direct funding works?

If you are verified member, you can add your Visa/Master credit/debit card details in 'bank accounts', we only need your card number and name only, no need to provide expire date and CVV to us, then you can place a sell order, payment methods choosing 'Visa/Master card direct funding', selling your digital currency to us and get paid using your own bank issued card. It will take 2-48 hours get money credited. Our fee is $10 + 4% processing fee. It is very simple and fast! We now support bank issued VisaMaster card payment.


Do this service support all countries?

Sorry,our bank does not support Visa/Master card payment to the following countries: USA, Columbia and Venezuela.


Does this service support my own currencies?

Yes, we now support all major currencies such as USD,GBP,Euro,AUD,HKD,JPY,CAD,NZD,CHF,SGD,SEK,DKK and NOK.For any other currencies, we will send in USD.


Do you keep balance in my exhere.es Account?

Your exhere.es Membership only allows you to purchase, convert and sell your Digital Currency. We do not store your funds in your exhere.es account, there will not be any balance in your exhere.es account.


My PIN code has not arrived?

If you are a Hotmail and Yahoo! user, your PIN email may be inadvertently placed in the "Junk E-Mail" / "Bulk" folder. Please check that folder for the PIN e-mail if it is not appearing in your In Box. Also, it is best NOT to set your Spam Guard settings to 'Immediately delete messages upon receipt'. If you do, the PIN e-mail may be automatically deleted.
If you do not use Hotmail or Yahoo!, please have a look in your Spam folder, just in case. If it has still not arrived, please contact us via the Support Page on this web site.


Do you have affiliate Program?

No, we do not.


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